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Beekeeping Shows and Exhibitions
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On this page, we hope to supply you with all the information you need to enter your products for showing, and provide top quality, competitive exhibits.

Where can you exhibit ?

Whilst there are a large number of shows in which you can enter your wares, the two main ones for this Branch are the Exeter County Show and the North Devon Branch's own Honey Show. 

Show dates for 2019 are as follows :-

Devon County Show
16th/17th/18th May

Bees and Flowers, St.Johns Garden Centre
8th/9th June

North Devon Show, Craft Tent
7th August

St Johns Garden Centre, NDBKA Honey Show 7th/8th September Show Schedule
In most shows, exhibits are divided in to five main classes -
  • Honey, with different classes for run honey, creamed honey and chunk honey, sections and cut comb
  • Beeswax
  • Photography (see below)
  • Mead
  • Cookery  (items made to recipes supplied by the organisers).

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Honey at the Branch Show

The exact details vary for each event, and the organisers will issue schedules before each show.
We will enter details on this site when they become available.  In the meantime, if you want to see a schedule in more detail, click here to see a copy of the schedule for the Branch's Honey Show in October 06.

New Branch Photo Competition for 2017

The Photo section of the 2017 Branch honey Show will be replaced with a Photo Competition.
We are making a 2018 calendar using photos entered into and judged at our September 2017 Honey Show at St.Johns Garden Centre. The best 12 will be collated and printed as a 2018 calendar and will be on sale ready for Christmas 2017.
All colour photos must be taken between 1/1/17 and 1/9/17, printed out, maximum size A4, minimum 6" x 4", subject - anything bee related. You may enter up to three photos, none of which should have been used in any other competition. We are sorry, but we are unable to return the photos to their owner.
This gives you all nine months to snap away at your bees and apiaries. Please send or give all your photos to any committee member, anytime before the closing date - the sooner the better.

How should you prepare for Exhibition ?

Success, they say, is in the detail.   Whilst the quality of your products should speak for itself, showing them is about presentation as well as quality.    If two similar items taste as good as each other to the judges, then it will be the better presented exhibit which will "steal the show".  If you want a few tips, have a look at the excellent article written by Duncan Weaver (click here).   For further help, try the reference books listed at the bottom of his article, or have a chat with one of the Branch Members who has some experience in showing.  They are always happy to help.

Secondly, start planning early, especially such classes as cut comb or the photography section.   Even the cookery entries may benefit for a few prior attempts, just to make sure that you have got the method spot on and that you can cope with the vagaries of your temperamental oven !

Finally, don't be afraid to try.   If, on your first attempt you don't do too well, don't worry.   You will have learnt something and that will bode well for your next attempt

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